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UNIAPAC is a federation of associations gathering more than 15 000 Christian Business Leaders from 30 countries. Its goal is to promote, in the light of the Christian Social Teachings, a vision and a deployment of Corporate Social Responsibility serving people and the common good of the World.

UNIAPAC was born in 1931 as “Conférences Internationales des Associations de Patrons Catholiques", between federations of Dutch, Belgian and French Catholic Employers (and with observers from Italy, Germany and Czechoslovakia), on the occasion of the 40 th anniversary of the Encyclical “Rerum Novarum” in Rome. After World War II, UNIAPAC enlarged to other European countries and to Latin-American Countries and changed its first name for, in French, ‘ UNion Internationale des Associations PAtronales Catholiques', with the initials UNIAPAC ( 1949 ). In 1962 , UNIAPAC becomes an ecumenical association under the new denomination "International Christian Union of Business Executives" , conserving its initials. By the same time, UNIAPAC gains members in Asia and in Africa.

Today, UNIAPAC welcomes member associations and individual members or companies from worldwide (with a larger presence in Europe and Latin-America).


Uniapac in France

  • > EDC (Entrepreneurs et Dirigeants Chrtiens)

EDC is a French association, member of Uniapac. It gathers today 2000 business leaders from corporates of all size and from all sectors across French territory.


Uniapac in Lebanon

  • > EDC Lebanon
EDC Lebanon is a Lebanese association created at the initiative of Raymond Sfeir, a French Lebanese CEO, member of EDC France, with the support of Pierre Lecocq who was at that time President of EDC France and is now President of Uniapac.



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