About Ma'am

(MA’AMis the Latin written transposition of its acronym three Arabic letters that are the abbreviation for the terms Islamic Christian Forum for Businessmen as well as Corporate Social Responsibility .

MA'AM comprises a group of entrepreneurs, intelligentsia, professionals, business leaders and religious leaders.

Led by Islamic Christian Common Values, we believe in work for a more just and rightful economy, respectful of human being. A world without values is a world devoid of any spiritual content, a world that makes human behavior meaningless.

Reconcile professional life and Islamic Christian spiritual common values. Bring these values to govern corporates and their surroundings, be more involved in strengthening morality in the workplace, participate to spread the idea of a "Lebanon message country", and push towards a citizenship that gathers and goes beyond religious differences.

With the cooperation of associations from other countries, make Islamic and Christian business and religious leaders meet in Lebanon and rally around the following aims:

  - highlight the incentives, procedures and standards to enforce by leaders in their business;

- concur to shape a social and economic vision serving mankind, a vision inspired by Islamic and Christian common values that is based on citizens' liberties and equality of rights and duties; work to strengthen the principles of accountability, transparency and leadership;

- make business management requirements complementary with the requirements of justice, mercy and love, social and professional integration, and economy "humanization";

- invite the world to establish humans place in the economy, a place where liberty and supreme values fit together, far from selfishness, greed and perversion of human dignity;

- help define and spread the idea of a "Lebanon, message country", open to all because of its specific demography, seeking to be a model of coexistence and dialogue between religions and cultures within a national framework that overstepped religious and political differences.

At the domestic level: ensure to always have in mind the spiritual values revealed by the Holy religions and apply them specifically to the workplace.

At the external level: work with associations, organizations and leaders sharing with us those values, in order to accomplish common projects serving the objectives of MA'AM both in Lebanon, in the Arab world and worldwide.

Its members

  • Cheikh Mohamed Nokkari, President
  • Raymond Rachid Sfeir, Secretary-General
  • Other members

Internal themes and debates

Since its creation in 2009, Ma'am members meet regularly to debate and discuss a pre-selected theme that may sometimes be the subject of an intervention prepared and read by one of the members, opening the internal debate. Some of those themes and interventions will soon be available on line.

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